Website promotion.

Guaranteed growing positions traffic and sales.




Guaranteed to raise targeted traffic with google




Increase website conversion and sales




We provide monitoring and technical support 24/7


We offer financial guarantees in order to reach KPI!


SEO from iLION gives more than the growth of keywords and traffic to the site

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Regular customer growth

According to the experience of most of our clients, the growth of targeted SEO traffic leads to an increase in Direct traffic - visitors return again to your website by introducing a domain or name of your brand.

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Clients through google maps

The complex of works on SEO also implies promotion in Google maps, where users search from whom to buy with reference to geolocation

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More clients from regions

Implement a proven technology that will allow your site to have high positions (= targeted traffic) in priority regions

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The growth of your business expertise

We write professional content on the pages of the site and blog. Your potential customers will see you as a subject matter expert, giving them answers to important questions.

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Publications about the company in the media

We post positive information about you in the top media, thematic sites, catalogs, blogs and forums.

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Bright and image search results

Introduce a microdata to highlight the ads that potential customers see in the results of issuing Google

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Positive feedback about the company

When searching for your company on Google and on the site, visitors will see positive feedback about you and your products.

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Internet marketing support

All iLION Clients receive recommendations on business development in digital. Our experts will help with the launch of tools even if they are outside the scope of the contract.





You send us a request



We conduct SEO audit and analyze competitors



e hold a joint meeting to agree on an individual strategy.



We are preparing a proposal and launching a project to work.

    Start a project with iLion



    SEO iLION is more than classic SEO

    Analysis and technical specifications for the elimination of technical errors plus +
    Collect semantic core plus +
    Optimization of promoted pages (meta tags, texts, micromarking) plus +
    Placing article and blog links plus +
    Analytics and Reporting plus +
    Realization of technical guidelines and technical support 24/7 minus +
    Writing expert articles to the blog minus +
    Implementation of an interactive analytics report from Digital Data Studio minus +
    Creation of bright, conversion results of issue (snippets) minus +
    Promotion under all priority regions minus +
    Improving the convenience and conversion of the site minus +
    Holding a Mystery Shopper (audit of sales managers) minus +
    Writing reviews in Goolge and on site minus +

    Website promotion prices

    Type of service Minimum package Recommended Package
    Service site 12000 UAH/month 15000 UAH/month
    Online store 15000 UAH/month 19000 UAH/month
    Foreign project 25500 UAH/month 41500 UAH/month

    Elaboration processing with meaning

    More than half the success of a business depends on the first impression of a potential customer on your site. A place in the TOP of search engines is a kind of guarantee that such a contact will, in principle, take place.

    Therefore, if you are developing a corporate, business or business card website, online store or landing page, it makes sense to take them to the top so that:

    • potential customers saw it, the sooner the better;
    • they wanted to visit it;
    • after the first visit there was an adequate impression;
    • it was possible to place an order and become interested in products / services.

    Only website promotion in the TOP guarantees a decent level of visits, only adequate content provides useful information, only a Seo optimized resource falls into the search results.

    All this is called website promotion. And all this is our daily work. For your presence in the TOP and continuous development of your business.

    Seo promotion from professionals

    There is an opinion that website promotion in Ukraine is very expensive. In fact, it is as expensive as effective. And if there is no desire to invest in website promotion and support , it is hardly necessary, in principle, to get on the Internet.

    After all, if customers do not see you - and they are looking primarily at Google - it makes no sense to spend resources on creating a web page. And vice versa - if you want to invest in the future, develop, receive more orders and ultimately flourish - promotion is important.

    Those whom you see in the first lines of search queries did not begin their development yesterday, or even a month ago. But now they are reaping the benefits and are the first to be seen by interested customers. It is not easy, it is not cheap, but it is effective and it works.

    Is it possible to make it cheaper? Yes it is possible. But this is unlikely to be appropriate. Is it possible on my own? It is also possible, but then there will be no time at all for running your own business.

    You will be involved in: analytics, testing, development, new testing, adjustments, purchasing reference mass, traffic analysis, conversion analysis. And so in a circle, but there will be no time left for your own business.

    Therefore, look for specialists who will do this for you - quickly, efficiently, with interest and involvement. Professionally, the iLion agency has been promoting and support websites for six years, and during this time we have developed our own working methodology that combines adequate price, transparency and effectiveness.

    Subtleties of website promotion in search engines

    Those sites that fall into the top of search engines - got there not yesterday. Behind this result is the work of several months - depending on the region, competition, age of the company. That is why, to get at least one step with them, you need to invest the same amount and a little more.

    This does not only mean money. This implies a certain amount of work on which the success of promotion depends:

    • Constant compliance with search engine algorithms, website optimization for their requirements. Today it’s not enough just to fill the web page with keywords. It is important to arrange them according to certain rules.
    • Optimization of content and graphic content.
    • Setting the right goals and determining the queries for which the site should go to the top.
    • The use of legal white methods of promotion, for which the professional specialists of the SEO at iLion are responsible.

    An integrated approach is the main thing, and that is the essence of the work. And more than one person does this work - even the most advanced specialist cannot independently be responsible for everything and carry it out. And if he can, he threatens with a quick professional burnout. Working with an agency is the best solution for website promotion in the Internet space of Ukraine.

    Integrated website promotion from ILION

    How to get into the top of search engines, get out of the search pit and feel the real growth in sales and the influx of new customers? Order site promotion. Over the years, we have been approached by clients on recommendations: and each of them recommended us to their partners.

    We do not spend money on our advertising. The best advertising for us is satisfied customers, successful projects, new tasks:

    • we live your business and really worry about it;
    • together with you we are building a strategy and successfully implementing it;
    • We draw up an adequate and transparent budget;
    • we rejoice at the first successes with you;
    • We bring success to every project.

    Order website promotion today - and move forward with iLion.

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