SEO promotion of sports nutrition online store

For the last 6 years, we have been successfully promoting Belok - sports nutrition and healthy diet online store. At the moment it is considered to be as one of the market leaders. There was a period of time when the client decided to pause our cooperation. However, one year late they came back to us asking for traffic and sales increase. In order to reach set KPI, we thoroughly worked on improving brand awareness, marketing strategy, SEO and Online PR. After 9 months of continuous work, we managed to set new records in sales volume.


SEO promotion




+ 95 %

Traffic growth

+ 138 %

User growth

Goals and objectives

Increase sales volume across all the regions of Ukraine Enhance conversion rate Develop new directions on the website

Results achieved

Traffic growth by 95% User growth by 138%

Development of promotion strategy

The client had a lot of demands aimed at traffic and sales increase. The main clients goals were to:
  • Increase sales volume across all the regions of Ukraine
  • Enhance conversion rate
  • Develop new directions
Content Functionality
Development Create a portrait of target audience
Analysis Search
Competitor analysis CR


Increase presence in the regions

One of the main client’s goals was growing positions and increasing sales not only in Kiev, but across all the regions. Therefore we set it as a priority and started developing a strategy for creating landing pages based on the most active Ukrainian regions. Due to the actions mentioned below, for a short period of time we managed to get leading positions in regional queries such as “protein Kharkov” and “sports nutrition Kharkov”. In September it significantly increased search traffic in required regions (comparing to the previous year).

Detailed terms of reference were made to create a list of functionalities for every version of regional pages based on (regional versions of the main page + category pages)


Collection of semantic for the top priority regions


Creation of terms of reference for texts


Backlinks increase for the new regional pages

An example of growth across the regions:


Development of new directions

Due to the low recession on the sports nutrition market, the client wanted to start adding new products on the website from the “Vitamins and additives” category. Therefore, we started actively gathering the semantic core and analysing the potential of adding new categories to the website. Based on achieved results, we offered the client recommendations for adding new categories. The following works were performed:
  • Semantics collection and evaluation of its perspective
  • Creation of a recommendation list for adding new priority categories
  • Creation of a menu structure and new categories
  • Writing and publishing texts for new categories
  • Meta tags management
  • Gaining link equity
All of the actions above allowed us to gain new positions and increase traffic to the new categories. In the future, it will help to enhance sales for the new groups.

An example of the new “Gaba” category


Optimisation of the existing content

The latest text optimisation on the website was performed a long time ago, so it didn’t match the modern SEO standards. Therefore, a decision of text rewriting was taken and aimed at the most popular categories including the latest search demands and abilities. It ended up in receiving various outcomes on search engine results page.


Conversion rate increase

Due to getting involved in the project during the drawdown period, we made the process of changing the product cards a priority. It would help to enhance conversions in the current traffic and increase sales as a result. All the actions written below brought significant results during the off-season period. The following was performed:

Creation of a new design for the product cards


Development of terms of reference for the client’s IT specialist


Implementation control and correction


Adding reviews to the priority product cards

An example of conversion results on the website in August (after implementing the new template in July)

Dynamics before works started

As soon as we joined the project, we met constant traffic and position loss. It was the result of poorly crafted strategy made by previous digital agency. The client entered the beginning of the season with great decrease in traffic and positioning, which affected the sales volume as a result.

Overall current results

Due to well thought-out execution of all given tasks and proper optimisation of the existing content, we managed to enlarge the results after the latest updates of search algorithms. The traffic increased nearly twice for the past 30 days comparing to the previous year (an example taken from 18.01.2020 - 16.02.2020 comparing to the last year)

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