Complex promotion of “ISIDA – obstetrics and gynecology clinic in Kiev”

ISIDA is a comprehensive obstetrics and gynecology clinic that combines a hospital and three dispensary centres. ISIDA clinics specialise in curing infertility, obstetrics, gynecology, mammalogy and pediatrics up to 18 years old.


SEO promotion



Ukraine - Kiev

Work period

February 1st 2019 - present time
+ 475 %

Number of sessions

+ 510 %

User growth

+ 305 %

Appointments booked

+ 270 %

Calls made

Goals and objectives

Increase traffic Increase the number of booked appointments Focus on particular pages/categories


Traffic increased by 475% Bookings increased by 305% Traffic to In vitro fertilization page enhanced by 519%

Promotion strategy development for obstetrics and gynecology clinic

In the very beginning we noticed that the website is built on subdomains. This fact had made it difficult to manage and promote the website, because of the repeated information. Since the beginning of the project, we have done the following:
  • Conducted a full technical audit and created terms of reference for necessary changes
  • Gathered and analysed the subdomains
  • Conducted on page analysis of the priority pages
  • Analysed the content
  • Gathered and clustered the semantic core
  • Searched for new ways of development
  • Created a content plan for information articles
  • Developed a plan to improve the existing articles
  • Management of meta tags
  • Management of inner linking
Content Functional
Development Compilation of a portrait TA
Анализ Search
АCompetitor analysis SC


Technical audit

As we mentioned earlier, the website used to be built on subdomains. Which means each clinic and category had their own subdomains and duplicates of the category pages on different clinic subdomains. Our main aim was to merge the whole website on a single subdomain. During this stage we had:

Analysed the existing pages and searched for duplicates


Created a detailed redirection map


Conducted a usability audit


Analysed the inner linking


Conducted an on page analysis of the priority pages


Analysis of the existing online competitors

We had conducted a wide range of works in analysing the competitors:
Analysed the link profile
Usability analysis
Onpage analysis of the pages where competitors have the majority of their traffic
Analysed the informational part of the competitors
During the analysis we had defined the week spots of our website as well as competitors’ websites:
  • Strong linking – all of the competitors have a big number of links. Therefore, it required from us to gain link weight for our website. However, besides gaining link weight we also had improved the existing qualitative links.
  • Link profile feature - the majority of the competitors had anchorless links from forums and review websites as a foundation of their link profile. It was taken into account during the process of conducting a link strategy.
  • Great content - we had to rewrite the texts for the most of the landing pages.
  • Weak informational piece - the majority of the competitors have a weak blog and disease manual.


Gathering semantic core for a medical website

Due to medicine being a very specialised area, together along with one of the doctors from ISIDA clinic we had gathered target semantic core by using the following services:

Google keyword planner



Google search console

After gathering and clustering semantics, we had made a decision to adjust the current text on the priority pages, as well as form new information pages.


Content plan development

Based on gathered semantics, we have made a plan how to adjust the current articles and created a separate content plan of writing new articles for the disease manual. After gathering informational semantics, we had conducted a content plan how to fill up the website within 7 months. Further we analysed the semantics and competitors. The next step was creating a terms of reference template for writing articles. As a copywriter we chose a practicing doctor.
  • Pages with descriptions of different diseases for the manual.
  • Commercial pages for different categories
  • Priority services pages for specific categories


Link profile management

Based on the conducted analysis and the fact that already had a big number of links received naturally (news and conferences they participated in), we made a decision to focus directly on them. We received the following type of links:

Thematic forums links


News links where the clinic is mentioned


Link brokers


Direct placement through webmasters


Early results

Early results after merging subdomains

As you can see on the screenshot above, after merging the subdomains in the end of April we have a minor subsidence in June and robust growth starting in July.

The start of works on “Disease manual” section

In August, when all the merging works were finished, we focused on the disease manual. This allowed us to have even more significant results in the future.

Intermediate results - November 2019

As we can see on the screenshot above, after the search algorithm was updated in September, we had a significant traffic growth due to quality and rapid development of the informational sections - this is a conformation of the works we performed. At the moment, we have a session growth by 198% comparing to the same period last year.

Current results - February 2020

As we can see on the screenshot above, despite everything the project has continued it’s robust and rapid growth. In February we had session growth by 475% comparing to the same period last year. Also the amount of conversions have increased which resulted in profit growth.

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